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Safe and effective relief from symptoms of menopause.*
PhytoMix for women

This unique formula was created based on latest scientific research for supporting women’s physical and mental health during menopause and reducing the discomfort associated with its typical symptoms.*

Menopause is a natural stage in a woman’s life, a normal, gradual physiological process of aging.

During menopause, a woman’s body slowly produces less of the hormones estrogen and progesterone. This often happens between ages 45 and 55.

In our society, women approaching this age are leading a full and active life. The symptoms of menopause can have a strong debilitating effect.

Symptoms of menopause
Hot flashes
Increased perspiration
Increased heart rate
Headaches and dizziness
Mood instability
Dry skin, decrease of skin elasticity
Decrease of bone density
Naturally, these unpleasant symptoms have a negative impact on the daily lives of women.
There are two ways to lessen the negative symptoms of menopause:
01 Hormone replacement therapy (HRT)
The method aims to replace the lost estrogen using pharmaceutical drugs that contain synthetic hormones.
  • Effective (can reduce hot flashes by 80-90%)
  • Sold only by prescription
  • High risk of complications and side effects proven by numerous studies.
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02 Phytoestrogens
Phytoestrogens are plant-based compounds that due to their structural similarity to the female sex hormones help to:
  • smooth out various hormonal disturbances, including those during menopause,*
  • keep bones strong,*
  • keep estrogens in balance.*
Active ingredients
Hop cones extract - Lifenol®
Amino acid
Flaxseed Lignan Complex
Saffron extract

is a patented standardized extract of hops from exclusively European crops Humulus lupulus.

Hops are a rich source of flavonoids that help to reduce the discomfort associated with menopause.* The cones of the hop plant contain numerous components:

8-prenylnaringenin (8-PN) is one of the most effective phytoestrogens
and antioxidants;
6-prenylnaringenin (6-PN) is an active phytoestrogen that helps to improve metabolism of the estrogens;*
xanthohumol (XH) and isoxanthohumol (IX) are prenylflavonoids that help to prevent bone calcium loss.*
Alpha and Beta acids in hops have sedative and antidepressant effect.*
The manufacturing process of Lifenol® guarantees the integrity of all active ingredients extracted from the plant. Lifenol® contains stable levels of flavonoids, including 8-prenylnaringenin.
raw material
Stable levels of the active ingredients
Doesn’t cause
weight gain*
Clinically proven efficacy
8-prenylnaringenin (8-PN)

is the most effective component of the hop cones. It is much more efficient than phytoestrogens of soy and alfalfa (coumestrol, genistein and daidzein), which are often used to relieve symptoms of menopause. Lifenol® is scientifically proven to alleviate the symptoms of menopause.*

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Relative estrogenic properties of different phytoestrogens compared to 8-PN.
is an amino acid that plays an important role in softening such symptoms as:
Hot flashes
and night sweats*
Blood pressure jumps and drops*
Decreased bone density*

Beta-alanine is not essential in the diet as the body can synthesize it on its own, however, its levels fall with age, so supplementing with it Beta-alanine is the perfect solution.

Beta-alanine does not lead to water retention in the body, something that often happens with HRT, when a woman puts on some extra weight due to water being held up in the tissues. Moreover, it is not habit forming and does not cause sleepiness.*

Flaxseed Lignan Complex

Flaxseed provides extreme health benefits as a source of phytoestrogens as well as omega-3 fatty acid, which is especially important for women. They not only help to eliminate the symptoms of menopause, but also have a positive effect on skin, hair and nails.

Lignans’ properties:
  • when estrogen levels in the body are low, the lignans behave like weak estrogen and help to reduce the discomfort associated with the transition.
  • if a woman’s own estrogen levels are too high, the lignans block the surplus by binding to the estrogen receptors.*
  • help to protect the body from free radicals, thus, preventing premature aging.
  • effectively support the health of the cardiovascular system by reducing the levels of so-called bad cholesterol.
  • positively affect the emotional state: reduce stress while easing depressive symptoms caused by menopause.
Saffron extract

Saffron is not only the most expensive spice in the world, but also one of the few versatile medicines that have been used since ancient times. Saffron extract helps to stimulate the central nervous system, releasing dopamine and serotonin and increasing their half-life in the brain, improving memory, concentration, overall vitality and the condition of the skin. Saffron extract has a positive effect on the mood, and making it difficult to overeat, consequently reducing weight gain.*

It is well-known that women during menopause often experience melancholy, indifference toward life and difficulty concentrating. These emotional disturbances are caused by reduced estrogen levels, in tandem with which the levels of serotonin, the happy hormone, fall as well.

Serotonin has effects on important psychological and physiological functions: mood, libido, cognitive abilities and memory, capacity for work, sleep patterns and appetite. When menopausal symptoms begin, it can be very disabling, so it’s important for these women to be able to get their lives back.

PhytoMix helps Women
during menopause to:
  • Keep enjoying their life*
  • Feel healthy and full of strength*
  • Keep stable emotional state*
  • Keep their sense of femininity and attractiveness*
  • Enjoy their meals*
  • Stabilize their sleep pattern*
  • Keep memory and mind sharp*

PhytoMix for Women is a natural approach to solving one of the important female problems. It not only relieves the symptoms, but stabilizes the mood and overall health.*

PhytoMix for women
Contains 30 Vegetable Capsules

Directions As a Dietary Supplement, take 1-3 capsules a day with a meal.

If pregnant or nursing, consult your health care practitioner before taking this product.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.